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As an industry leading business management and professional services consultant, Darryl Barlett  teams with client organizations to provide proven business management, large-scale project leadership, and innovative information systems  technology solutions.

Thank you for visiting my web site. As an experienced business and information technology consultant, I offer high value, results-oriented business management consulting and project leadership expertise to help companies assess, prioritize and implement effective and sustainable solutions in their business processes, products and/or services.

My Services focus on three categories:





My consulting services fill a void that I see existing in business, information technology and the professional services consulting market sector.  Consider the following survey findings:

ComputerWorld reports 64% of enterprise-wide projects fail.

eWeek reports 59% of all technology-related projects fail to meet customer expectations.

Information Weekly reports 72% of all commercial software projects failed to hit projected ROI expected within the first 18 months of implementation.   

Projects that I lead have different results because I:

  • only accept those assignments where I can deliver real value
  • rely on handshake agreements
  • maintain objectivity through fee-based pricing
  • document and report progress weekly
  • exceed expectations
  • leave behind a legacy of continuous improvement
  • focus on what's right for you as the client which supersedes what's best for me
  • consistently deliver superior results as the best way to get invited back
  • know how to cross organizational boundaries to build consensus and systems integration
  • work on-site in partnership with your people at all levels
  • work to achieve specific financial targets
  • implement, not just recommend
  • provide proven successful processes
  • achieve deeper, lasting results sooner





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